mixed metals

mixed metals

Silver and gold, cherished across cultures for their aesthetic allure, have amassed significant value throughout ancient history.

Humans have been so captivated by the metals’ beauty that jewelers across the globe have mastered wearable art, creating access to glamour for those that wish to adorn themselves or their space with these valuable elements.

We are drawn to incorporate these metals into our world beyond physicality and use them symbolically as we’ve crafted our scent and design philosophies around the two iconic metals. Silver and gold represent our line, our heritage, and our purpose. Each metal is the visual manifestation of our founders’ creative visions, two minds interlocking to create new worlds within the one we exist. 

Hajime Sorayama at 'Tokyo Pop Underground' - Danny P. Tran, Plasticcell.com

Gold embodies etherealism and polish. This line of ours is refined yet experimental, producing perfumes that are exquisitely crafted and distinctly alloy.

Our perfumers approach to scent is channeled through gold, featuring formulas that are indulgent and imaginative, taking influence from memory, culture, and fantasy. As gold is often associated with excess, this is our way of reshaping olfactive luxury.  For those that love decadence and value craft.

Silver captures our subversive nature. It is often alternative and boundary-pushing, resulting in perfumes that challenge the norm, ignite the imagination, and cater to a more untraditional persona.

our creative directors passion for subversive beauty is embodied by silver. Utilizing high concept formulas and world building, silver influences the future of luxury fragrance, the future that we are shaping. Silver is for those that are bored with perfume and want something that connects with their identity and fantasies. Not for the closed mind.

The alloy studio was created out of a desire to experience fragrances that catered to alternative tastes while also being a luxe sensory pleasure, and silver & gold embody this perfectly. The split soul of alloy, two unique worlds to experience in our universe.

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